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Seiko Smile unified chain of gas stations across the province

 Smile for the unity between the corporate chain of gas stations in recent years by setting up stations to unify management of enterprise essence of integrated quality of service gas station chain, has 110 self-positions, because of gas stations require a lot of time workers part-time staff , and scattered locations, the need for strict management control, in order to be competitive on cost, it can completely prevent fingerprint Missions pinch behalf of the brush card and the webmaster of human pressure, so that the use of another home before the fingerprint as the Missions management, because of the fingerprint machine for the Windows Base System, Internet connections are often viruses, while the Windows system unstable, and each station set the system expensive, so this assessment of several fingerprint, found in the Independent Missions fingerprint machine, no matter the cost is with the maintenance and stability and accuracy are all the best rating, so a lot of use of the fingerprint as the province's base Missions management, use of the company's SDK development tools, integration of the company's payroll system,

 Phenomenon not only to eliminate pinch cards, save the huge additional personnel expenses, imagine-time workers one hour $ 80, such as scheduling day, every day there are three pinch-hit, to be charged late shifts a month, a gas station that lost 7200 yuan, 100 gas stations that lost 720,000 yuan a month, that the loss of about 8.6 million yuan a year, almost a few months to recover the purchase cost of the fingerprint machine. and by the end of the year attendance system automatically calculates the performance immediately, the fair play performance to maximum efficiency.

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