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Dong Ling Co., Ltd. (well-known baby products PiYO PiYO yellow duckling products)

  Dong Ling is famous PiYO PiYO yellow duckling production and sales company, with counters and chain stores, because the distribution of the various branches all over the store manager needs to take the store to play jams, often the clerk Doug card, and even Alice class issues, even if the use of monitoring systems, because in fact even less to watch, it can only laissez-faire, then using our integrated POS system USB Fingerprint Missions machine,

  Not only can automatically upload all of the distribution around the real-time data store Missions, and fingerprint data can be automatically distributed with the Missions of the locations, staff rotation is easy to store, Missions information is completely by the Corporation, at the same time eliminate all the drawbacks. According to the company's total Xu manager said that since the application of the fingerprint system, not only management more convenient and more efficient. and by the estimated investment returns, investment costs recovered a few months.

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