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River Lake Technology Co., Ltd.

  River Lake technology for domestic listed companies, specializing in server rack rail manufacturing plant, now almost global international IT manufacturers such as IBM, SUN ... and so are all the company's customers, factory workers and machines are all die operation of the workers, hundreds of production staff, are all black hands of workers, the original use of credit card system, often due to wear and tear card, credit card does not come out and forget the problems with the card or changing the card, but before the assessment of fingerprint products more expensive, and fear the finger does not recognize the problems of workers , and the trial assessed several fingerprint machine, found the company in terms of cost, stability, accuracy and recognition rate are all preferred.

  Therefore, using our fingerprint products in hundreds of black hands, only four workers in the fingerprint is not recognized, use the password method, because a large number of foreign workers who can be flexible to work overtime at night, but management can not be present to view credit card, credit card stolen so often problem, but in fact the phenomenon has not been to class, not only the psychological grievances between workers, leading to affect productivity, since using our fingerprint, not only completely eliminate the generation of credit card, thus increasing production efficiency, and increase the product capacity, the company's Vice-Lin general manager, not only praised Canada, and claimed that only two months already recovered fingerprint machine investment costs.

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