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Home Q & A Hardware maintenance on Attendance
How to change the firware version, before the amendment must first consult the original firware version of the hardware and can support the change, if you can, then

First copy the firware files to the installation directory folder in attendance, 
1. Start / Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt,
2. Enter [cd ..] and press [Enter] key,
3. Enter [cd ..] and press [Enter] key,
4.When the screen displays [c:>], enter [CD? C: PROGRAM FILESATT18], press [Enter] key,
5. to enter the [> zkeupg.exe com2 1 emfw.cfg 115200-F],
6. screen displays: [C: ProgramFilesatt18> zkeupg.exe com2 1 emfw.cfg 115200-F], press [Enter] key.
Note: {If you connect your computer to Com2 and attendance, above the text to use Com2, otherwise com1},
7.When the last picture show ok! Please restart the device .. done that attendance changes, please re-open the Attendance

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