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Version 1.6 or earlier to upgrade to version 1.8 (U.are.U2000 how to upgrade to U.are.U4000)?

a、 first install the driver back down the Key, a backup method: open the registry, and then select the registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREDigitalPersona] key, click on the Registry menu -> Export Registry File, Export to the to the file.  This is the key to upgrade, if the correct fingerprint template will result in U.are.U2000/U.are.U4000 incompatible.
b、 the backup is complete, uninstall the old drivers, restart the computer, install the Biokey200/U.are.U4000 driver.
c、 will back up the registry file into the registry.  Drive upgrade is complete.
d、download software upgrades online attendance program, and then use the installation to the current directory of attendance, when prompted to overwrite direct overwrite the original file.
e、 the upgrade is complete.

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