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Fingerprint information can not be downloaded to a computer

If the fingerprint itself is no problem, then there may be causes

一. Ping atu-r with packet loss,

二.User fingerprint device server can not connect with the main point, due to suspected ADSL delay time is too long (36ms, the normal connection of the circuit in the 20 ~ 24ms), please assist in, or replace the shelter of the DSLAM PORT, to shorten the delay time

 The solution: Chunghwa Telecom, please call the relevant personnel to handle

 This is the southern region of the contact

Contact   Wang Choi Contact Phone  07-2120823 # 7089  Receiving unit  Kaohsiung Packet room  Accepted member  Wang Choi

 North of contact

 Contact  Has Yuzhen    Contact Phone  0223830380

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