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Missions manager and fingerprint machine can not connect problem?

Check to be sure the following questions: 
TCP / IP local network affirmation
1、 to confirm whether the network connectivity.
2、 the machine-side end of cable and network cable if the router is indeed connected.
3、the machine is set up to connect with password (do not use 0 if none) 
If set the connection password, the software must also be set. Otherwise it is unreachable.
4、multiple connections to be sure the IP address of each machine must not be the same, each machine is independent of IP 
Can not share the IP conflict and the computer, or cause an exception.
5、 the connection status of the test methods: 
Open a command prompt, enter the IP address - such as
ping (machine IP)
Reply from bytes = 32 time <1ms TTL = 64 normal connection 
Request timed out. Not connected network related settings to be checked to confirm the connection 
If no connectivity represents the machine is not connected, please check the relevant network.
If the normal connection can be tested on another computer, install the software connection to view the results.
6、 there zkemkeeper.dll address access violation may be installed on your computer caused by different versions of software, 
Solution to remove the software re-installation, such as the installation process with an error message said not installed correctly. 
Error message will be removed on the relevant files can be resolved. Dll file conflict generally.

Missions manager install update software, you can download the upgrade program.
7、RS232/RS485 check in the same manner to confirm whether the device is properly related to the connection.
8、the above method does not resolve please contact the service vendor

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