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How to make time and attendance software to support other languages?

Description: att.dat stored in localefile language file name, the system supports three languages: Simplified Chinese is attcheckin.chs, English is attcheckin.en, Traditional Chinese attcheckin.cht. Suggest the best language to be replaced to re-select the correct language installed system, this is the easiest.  To support other languages, you need to modify the following steps: supporting the Arab example:
1、 attcheckin.en file contents translated into Arabic, the best named attcheckin.alb
2、in localefile att.dat Change the value of attcheckin.alb.
3,   RptList_e.cfg the report file name to Arabic (English report)
4、 the database table LeaveClass, LeaveClass1 table text was revised to Arabic
5、restart attendance software.

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